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Cyber Security

Managed Security Services are services and responsibilities that you outsource to companies such as InfoSight to safely manage devices, networks and environments from any outside threats.d to discover things that matter. Marketing on Facebook helps you find new customers and build lasting relationships with them.

Today, Cyber threats are no longer isolated incidents for just large enterprises, but now threaten businesses of all sizes and types. Threat activity has become more frequent and bad actors are more sophisticated with more advanced tools than ever before.

cyber security

To further exasperate the situation, research shows that Enterprise IT & Security departments review less than 40% of security alerts. This is due to the fact that with hundreds of devices generating thousands of events every day, resources are stretched to the breaking point and more resources are needed.

Cyber Security Benefits include:
  • 24x7x365 Threat Detection & Response Services to include Monitoring, Threat Analysis, Mitigation, Remediation, Alerting/Notification, Reporting and Device Management
  • Flexible service options include 24X7 or 7pm-to-7am and weekend only coverage
  • Support for IT, OT, SCADA, Industrial Control, and IoT Networks
  • Coverage for Firewalls, IDS/IPS, UTM, NIDS, HIDS and Endpoint security, across multiple vendors to leverage a best of breed layered security model including both Cloud and on-premise deployments
  • Run/Playbook creation and maintenance
  • Technical Human Capital with multi-vendor experience to satisfy any level of network operations and management complexity
  • On-demand implementation of new technologies to remain agile
  • A flexible support and services model to complement any size in-house IT Team
  • A Co-Managed approach where we collaborate by monitoring your most critical devices that require 24x7 attention, and your in‐house IT Team monitors remaining assets for improve operational efficiency and budget
  • Tooling to obtain granular levels of visibility into your network and cloud environments to allow for accurate decision making
  • Multi-vendor case management

Intellisoft Nepal will help you out to prevent or mitigate harm to—or destruction of—computer networks, applications, devices, and data.

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We Are A Website Design Agency with Creativity, Professionalism & Excellent Customer Service.

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